Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are caused when there is a disagreement between people and each side perceives a threat to its needs, interests and concerns as a consequence. Conflicts cover a wide range situations from the domestic disputes, to political conflicts to even war. Hence, conflict resolution can be stated as the approaches and practices involved in smoothing over the social conflict and bringing it to a peaceful ending.

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Greenhouse Gases

imageGreenhouse gases are those gases in the earth’s atmosphere that trap the heat from getting escape back into space and, instead, reflect it back to the surface of the earth. As they produce a greenhouse effect in trapping the heat, they are called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases consist of gases such as carbon dioxide, ozone, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, sulphur hexafluoride and other fluorinated gases.

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Essay on Terrorism

Tips to write an informative essay on terrorism

imageTerrorism is the word that creates a lot of panic among people. Terrorism is the most disturbing thing that is happening in this world today. This word reminds us about war, violence and bloodshed. However, when you have to write an essay, this topic can be the most relevant one. Let us check how essay writers can write college essays on this topic.

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Essay on Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence? How can you express your thoughts on domestic violence?

imageAn essay on domestic violence is a topic for college essays. Nowadays, it is mandatory for all college students to write college essays. The college essays, which are based on different topics, will be evaluated at the end of the academic year. Based on the quality, students will be graded. There are many topics for college essays, including topics based on current affairs. Domestic violence is such a topic that has relevance in today’s society.

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Communication Essay

Describe how to write a communication essay. What is the importance of good communication skills?

Communication skills are essential for everyone. A good communication skill is a factor that can boost your personality in front of others. Being an important thing in our day to day life, communication is a good topic for writing college essays and term paper writing.

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Employee Satisfaction in an Organisation

How do you write a human resource assignment on employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction in an organization is a main topic that comes under human resources management. Employees are considered as assets to a company. They are the key factors which improve the productivity and reputation of a company.

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