Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics and their use in enhancing beauty. A personimage who has studied cosmetology is called as a cosmetologist or a beautician or aesthetician. The cosmetologist offers many types of services based on the area of specialization.

The study of cosmetology includes hair cutting and styling, pedicures, manicures and also wig-treatments. Hair treatments in cosmetology could comprise of cutting and styling of hair, coloring and highlighting, use of chemical treatments like hair relaxers and hair straighteners, and also shaping and fixing wigs and temporary hair extensions. The manicure and pedicure treatments could include nail shaping and coloring, treatment to strengthen and beautify nails of the hands and feet. A cosmetologist also specializes in suggesting and applying beauty treatments.

Education and License in Cosmetology: It is mandatory in all the states of the U.S. that all cosmetologists should have a license. A person without the license can only work as a shampooer or a make-up artist. The license in cosmetology can be got by graduating from a State-licensed cosmetology school. A high school diploma or GED is necessary for admission into a cosmetology school in some states. The prospective cosmetology student must be more than sixteen years of age. A few programs in hairstyling, skin care and such other subjects are also found in some high schools as well as in post-secondary vocational schools.

imageThe fulltime courses in cosmetology are usually for nine months. These courses would fetch associate degrees in cosmetology. There are also training courses for manicurists, pedicurists and skin care specialists that are of a lesser duration. Make-up artists have an option of attending courses in that specialization whereas shampooers do not require any formal training or certificates. The exam consists of a written test and a practical test of styling skills or an oral examination. Even after doing these courses, the cosmetologist needs to keep up with the latest trends and could take advanced courses in these subjects as well as in sales and marketing.

The cosmetology student can specialize in subjects like Hair Styling, Manicure andimagepedicure, or aesthetics. The course in hair styling would involve learning hair cutting and styling, application of chemical perms, relaxers and using various equipment that are used in curling, waving, straightening, and coloring of hair. Manicure and pedicure would include filing, shaping, applying polish, conditioning lotions, diseases and care of nails and also in beautifying nails with artificial nails, acrylics and jewel decorations. Aesthetics deals with skin care, facials, removal of excess body hair by waxing, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and so on.

Ethical practices and sanitation practices are also part of the course structure. Business skills and people skills are also important for those planning to open their own salons. Writing skills are also necessary for writing essays that are part of the course. If you run short of time for writing a term paper, just call on our essay writing experts who are waiting to help you write papers.