Permit Test

A permit test is a written test that has to be passed in order to obtain a learner’s permit for learning driving. This learner’ permit leads to taking a driving test and ultimately getting the permanent driving license. So, the permit test is the first step in getting a driver’s license.

imageThe permit test is administered by the Department of Motor vehicles or DMV for short. Some states allow the learners to do the permit test online. The permit test consists of a series of questions concerning the traffic rules, traffic signals, all features of driving, including the vehicle code, safe driving practices, drinking and driving, substance abuse, defensive driving, good driving techniques, and driving under adverse weather conditions. The details of these questions and their answers can be found in the driver’s license handbook compiled by the state and could consist of both text as well as illustrations.

The test itself is usually of the multiple choice type and the questions will be taken only from the handbook. So, the test can be passed easily if one studies the handbook thoroughly. The test can also contain questions that are pictures. The test scores for passing will be announced before the test is taken. As pointed out earlier, the test can either be taken either in person at the DMV or online. Once the candidate passes the permit test, he or she will be awarded a certificate showing that the permit test has been passed.

This certificate should be submitted to the DMV for getting a learner’s permit. Theimagelearner’s permit is to be submitted to a driving school for obtaining practical driving lessons. The learner’s permit that is awarded will remain valid for one year. After the practical lessons are completed, another certificate will be awarded that would show the person is eligible for a driving test. Passing the driving test, of course, gets the candidate the much dreamed of driver’s license.

The permit test may sound very difficult and tension ridden. But in fact, it can be made easier and more fun by taking regular practice tests. There are some websites and driving schools that administer regular tests after each unit of the hand book is completed. This makes it easier because the whole thing is broken up into smaller and more manageable units for learning. This would instil more confidence in the test taker and make it stress-free.

However, it must be remembered that the permit test has to be taken within a certain time limit, whether it is being done on paper or online. This may daunt some candidates. This difficulty can be overcome by doing practice tests again and again and also being thorough with the material in the handbook. The driving school instructor or an older person who has passed the test can help with the parts in the handbook that the candidate may find difficult to understand.

Along with the permit test, some documents will also have to be submitted at the DMV like your identification document and your residence document. Also, the candidate would have to undergo an eye test to verify the acceptability of the vision for driving purposes.

The permit test is allowed to be taken again if the candidate fails it the first time. The time interval between the two tests would be a few weeks. All the best for your permit test!

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