Multiplayer Online Games

imageMultiplayer online games are becoming more popular day by day especially after the improvements and efficiency of the internet system and its speed. The development of newer types of handheld, mobile and 3D technology have also aided in the increasing popularity of multiplayer online games.

The increasing internet speeds as well as the fast and extensive development of technology has made it possible for many players to connect to each other through the medium of a gaming website or social media website that offer such facilities. Then the players play on their own consoles such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, special gaming consoles connected to their cable network TVs as well as smaller handheld video games with streaming facility.

The number of players subscribing to the multiplayer online games has increased substantially in the recent decade. As a result a phenomenal growth is observed in the different areas of gaming such as the online gaming space, online console games, casual games, subscription and micro-transaction-based massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), and also the Gaming 2.0 which is a new online gaming classification and comprised of cloud-based gaming, user generated content, gamer social networks, social gaming, and offline games requiring online connectivity to play.

It is of interest to note that the multiplayer online games are not confined to a particular age group or genre of game. There are multiplayer online games available for all age groups, right from the pre-school children to adults. Of course, it is the teenagers who play the most multiplayer online games. The genres of games available in the multiplayer online platform are also as varied and diverse to suit the interests of the different age groups. The most popular multiplayer online games among the teenagers belong to the massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). In these games, the players assume the identities of the different characters depicted in the game and create their own “avatar” by choosing their dress, hairstyles, weapons, accessories and so on. These games allow the subscribers to invite each other to play the game and score the points or awards. The rankings, awards, high scores, rankings, leagues, friends list, news feeds and others like game requests, are published in the gaming site or in the social media websites. This attracts more subscribers and more business. Thus multiplayer online games have become a multi-billion dollar business.

However, this phenomenal growth of the multiplayer online games has a rather serious imagedownside: The increasing numbers of players and the increasing number of hours that are spent playing are having a detrimental effect on the studying and working hours and even on the sleeping hours. These games are not only addictive, but also urge the player to perform better than their rivals, leading to more wasted time and efforts.

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