Works Cited Page

The Works Cited page is always located at the end of your paper and consists of all the papers, books and other references that you have cited in your paper. This list of the authors and their works makes it simpler to document all the papers you have read and cited, so that the main paper will have only brief references and will not be cluttered by all the details of each reference.

In some places, the Works Cited page is also called References page. Usually the Works Citied page is used by those using the MLA (Modern Language Association) style of reference and the References page by those using the APA (American Psychological Association) style. However, you should note that Works Cited page and References page are different from the Bibliography page. The difference is that while the Works Cited page and References page list only the works cited in the main paper, the Bibliography gives details of all the literature referenced by the author, even if they are not cited in the main text.

The list of entries in all these three pages mentioned above are arranged alphabetically according to the last names of the authors, editors or translators and when these are not present, by the first word in the title of the work.

There are various formats or styles for writing the entries in the Works Cited page. Some of them are the MLA and APA that are most widely used in the U.S., Chicago, Turabian, Vancouver, and so on. Articles and papers based on Engineering use the IEEE style. In the U.K. the chief reference style is the Harvard and there are many variations such as Harvard Exeter, Harvard Anglia, and Harvard Leeds. Each style has its own format of setting down the information about the authors and their works. There are also some differences in the method of in-text citation too. Capital and small letters, normal and italic font, commas, spaces between the lines, line indents, full stops, brackets, quotation marks and the year of the publication are all important aspects that should be noted and rigorously followed in writing the Works Cited page, according to the requirements of the particular board, university or college in which you are studying.

Given below are examples of how a particular citation would be written in the different styles in the Works Cited page:


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